When Judith Maxwell’s body began failing her, she started keeping a record in the hope that somewhere inside she’d find the answer. In the first of a three-part series, we dive into those notes, and find out how a retired school teacher developed a medical condition that kept doctors guessing for close to a decade.

Season Two / Teaser

How did a retired school teacher solve a medical mystery that stumped twenty-two doctors, neurologists, and cardiologists for nearly a decade? In Season Two of PATIENT by CPSI, we’re following one story over three episodes; the story of Judith Maxwell, a retired school teacher and studious notetaker trying to solve a mystery before it takes over her body.

Episode Two / Opioid

This is a story in two parts. The first, is of a national epidemic; a story of 19 million prescriptions, 2,500 deaths, and a country that ranks second for per capita opioid use. The second, is of a person whose circumstances throw into sharp relief just how hard that epidemic will be to solve.

This is the story of Canada's Opioid crisis through the eyes of a patient.

Season One / Teaser

Coming soon, PATIENT is a show about the people trying to change modern medicine from the inside out. It's a non-fiction medical drama from the perspective of the patient.

In September 2002, Martha Murray went to sleep and never woke up. The coroner's report came back listing the cause of death as natural causes, with no recommendation for investigation. She was 22.